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【Painted in Peng Chau】

Alcon Thursday, 10 July 2014 3085 art creative design exhibition PMQ

Peng Chau Island was once a thriving industrial powerhouse. In the 60s and 70s, the largest factory in Southeast Asia for making matches began to establish in the northwestern coast of this small island. Other large-scale factories included teak furniture, shipyards, tanneries, etc. Light industry also flourished such as light bulb factories, cane-weaving industry, and many other types of handcrafts. During the heyday, Chiu Kee (超記) Porcelain Factory had 30 craftsmen including Master Lam Chiu who used his porcelain painting skills to feed his whole famil


Presented by SOIL, the exhibition will invite us to trace the paths of memories of Master Lam and his wife, and their encounters with the ceramic artist Winus Lee and two young graphic designers Vicky Lau and Kathy Liu through short films, literature, installation and creation of works – all painted in Peng Chau




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