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【Painted in Peng Chau】

Alcon Thursday, 10 July 2014 2970 art creative design exhibition PMQ

Peng Chau Island was once a thriving industrial powerhouse. In the 60s and 70s, the largest factory in Southeast Asia for making matches began to establish in the northwestern coast of this small island. Other large-scale factories included teak furniture, shipyards, tanneries, etc. Light industry also flourished such as light bulb factories, cane-weaving industry, and many other types of handcrafts. During the heyday, Chiu Kee (超記) Porcelain Factory had 30 craftsmen including Master Lam Chiu who used his porcelain painting skills to feed his whole famil


Presented by SOIL, the exhibition will invite us to trace the paths of memories of Master Lam and his wife, and their encounters with the ceramic artist Winus Lee and two young graphic designers Vicky Lau and Kathy Liu through short films, literature, installation and creation of works – all painted in Peng Chau




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【17 Colorful Cities You’ll Want To Visit Immediately】

Alcon Monday, 07 July 2014 3095 art creative design

1.Burano in Venice, Italy

Burano in Venice, Italy

2. La Boca in Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Boca in Buenos Aires, Argentina

3. Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

4. Bo-Kaap in Capetown, South Africa

Bo-Kaap in Capetown, South Africa

5. Jelly Bean Row in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

Jelly Bean Row in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

6. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

7. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

8. Longyearbyen, Norway

Longyearbyen, Norway

9. Colmar, France

Colmar, France

10. Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina, United States

11. Willemstad, Curaçao

Willemstad, Curaçao

12. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

13. Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso, Chile

14. Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland

15. Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur, India

16. Pelourinho in Salvador, Brazil

Pelourinho in Salvador, Brazil

17. Guanajuato, Mexico



【Thunderstorm design lighting】

Alcon Friday, 04 July 2014 2973 art creative design design lighting exhibition

Designer Richard Clarkson made a ‘smart cloud’ that mimics a thunderstorm,
it uses motion sensors to create a unique light and sound show for the user




【Lego figures can be hacked to create holders for charging cables】

Alcon Wednesday, 02 July 2014 2908 art creative design exhibition LEGO

French illustrator and artist Gilbert Legrand re-invents the objects that surround us in our everyday life with a retrò touch and a comical look. In this new series of works, a selection of small sculptures, several characters are brought to life in the most eccentric and original way




【French illustrator and artist re-invents the objects that surround us】

Alcon Monday, 30 June 2014 2680 alconevents art creative design

French illustrator and artist Gilbert Legrand re-invents the objects that surround us in our everyday life with a retrò touch and a comical look. In this new series of works, a selection of small sculptures, several characters are brought to life in the most eccentric and original way

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【「Art@Government Buildings 2013-14」Opening Ceremony @Queen Elizabeth Stadium】

Alcon Wednesday, 12 March 2014 2788 art ceremony event exhibition hkgov opening

Art@Government Buildings 2013-14is presented by the Home Affairs Bureau and organized by the Art Promotion Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. It is supported by the Home Affairs Department and Hong Kong Post with the Community Art Network as the programme coordinator. Through an open call for proposals, four local artists, namely Sze Wing-yee, Sim Chan, Wong Wai-yin and Wu Wai-chung, were selected to create public artworks for the project. Tailor-made public artworks, which different media have been used including sculpture, installation, painting, comics, video and multimedia, are being put on display from March 11 till March 31, 2015, at four government buildings, namely the General Post Office, the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hung Hom Community Hall and Sha Tin Town Hall. 

The project's opening ceremony at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium yesterday, the Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, Mrs Betty Fung, said this year's project adopted a new approach by showcasing artworks at four government buildings which provide different services. 

Alcon team participate in the Art@Government Buildings 2013-14Opening Ceremony held yesterday at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium about organizing the production matters. It is really a great honor to us that being able to participate in and support this meaningful arts promotion activities! Let’s review the Ceremony Highlights!

Art@Government Buildingsinfo:
Entitled Art@Government Buildings, this large-scale public art project aims to create a fresh artistic environment for the buildings and offer visitors and users a new experience. Since its launch in 2010, this project has already introduced works of art to nine government buildings in the past two years.




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【「Light and Shadows — Caravaggio • The Italian Baroque Master」Exhibition - 《Supper at Emmaus》@Pacific Place】

Alcon Wednesday, 26 February 2014 3180 art exhibition pacificplace painting

For the first time in Asia and for a strictly limited season, the Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong and the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, with the generous support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, are proud to present Light and Shadows — Caravaggio • The Italian Baroque Master. The exhibition will be held from March 12 to April 13, 2014.

This special treasures exhibition preview and conference is now open (February 25, 2014, Tuesday) at Pacific Place. Alcon is proud to host this exhibition production issues! Before the authentic paintings arrive, public can admire the works by projection at preview period. This "Supper at Emmaus" (1605-1606) the world's first large-scale projection display, allowing viewers unprecedented new angle, full appreciation of the story Caravaggio revolutionized painting masterpieces of style and understanding behind.

Also on display are contemporary works by four Hong Kong artists — Chow Chun-fai, So Hing-keung, Tsang Kin-wah, and Wucius Wong — which showcase how techniques found in Caravaggio's paintings were adopted centuries later.

Supper at Emmausinformation:
A haunting Baroque masterpiece, Supper at Emmaus (1605-06) was painted during a dark period in the artist's life when he was exiled after committing an act of manslaughter. It depicts Jesus Christ revealing himself to his disciples following his resurrection, in the town of Emmaus. It is a portrait of a flawed humanity, vulnerable to sin and expresses the artist's desire for salvation offered by faith in Christ.

亞洲協會香港中心將由2014312日至413日舉行「光意大利巴洛克藝術大師卡拉瓦喬」展覽,焦點展品為《以馬忤斯的晚餐》(Supper at Emmaus)的真跡,這作品被視為史上最重要畫家之一的鉅作、世上最珍貴名畫之一。這次將是《以馬忤斯的晚餐》首次於亞洲展出,入場費全免。有賴香港賽馬會慈善基金慷慨贊助,意大利駐港領事館聯合策劃及主動促成此獨一無二名畫外借至香港的事宜。

此珍品展覽的發佈會及特別預覽將於即日起 (2014225星期二) 在金鐘太古廣場舉行Alcon 非常榮幸為此項展覽承辦製作事宜。市民可在名畫的真跡抵港前,欣賞作品的投射放影預覽。此乃《以馬忤斯的晚餐》(1605-1606)全球首次以大規模投射展出,讓觀眾以前所未有的新角度,全方位欣賞卡拉瓦喬革命性繪畫的風格和了解名作背後的故事。
展覽將同時展出周俊輝、蘇慶強、曾建華及王無邪四位香港當代藝術家的作品。此部份由展覽策展人暨香港中文大學教授韋一空博士 (Dr. Frank Vigneron)策劃,旨在反映卡拉瓦喬畫作的特色在數百年後如何在現代藝術品中流傳。


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【Giant Art Installation Hits﹗‧ Panda “I Am Here” Get Over the Wall】

Alcon Thursday, 16 January 2014 2506 art installastion shopping mall

Will come to Hong Kong ﹖

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