Interior Design | Marlboro – Tin Wah Store @Macau
To provide interior design to the retail store of MARLBORO - Tin Wah Store . A "front-desk" to replace the conventional “open” sytle, which clearly display all goods to customers and outstand from the traditional multi-elements. Another special feature is, the designer came up with diamond-shaped design instead of the old-style canopy, with spot lighting, the shop become sharply bright and more prominent styling to get attention.
Tin Wah Marlboro Store-0.1Tin Wah Marlboro Store-0.2Tin Wah Marlboro Store-01.JPGTin Wah Marlboro Store-03.1Tin Wah Marlboro Store-03Tin Wah Marlboro Store-04.JPGTin Wah Marlboro Store-05.JPGTin Wah Marlboro Store-06Tin Wah Marlboro Store-07Tin Wah Marlboro Store-08.JPGTin Wah Marlboro Store-09Tin-Wah-Marlboro-Store-02