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Alcon 週三, 26 三月 2014 2921 anniversary discount promotion

30% off Discount to New Customer Launch Now

We are proud to announce that this year is the 5th Year Anniversary of the establishment of Alcon! In the past 5 years, Alcon has been committed to providing professional and customer–care service, and continue to introduce innovative ideas for the design and production of well-known brands in promotional products, devices, and all round promotional activities, but also to give customers a wide range of market support. 

To mark the occasion, we offer 30% discount to new customers! We offer you an affordable prices, to enjoy a professional experience and quality service! 

You have not found a full range of marketing supporter? Act now!

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Email: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它  
Tel: (+852) 3481-1696


2014 年,是傲群成立5週年的大日子﹗5年以來,傲群一直致力提供專業、貼心的服務,以及不斷構思創新意念,為各大知名品牌設計及製作宣傳產品、裝置、宣傳活動等,同時亦給予客戶各式各樣的市場支援。



電話(+852) 3481-1696

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